Financial Service Solutions

Cortell have been providing analytical solutions to industry for 15 years. This has given us the expertise to create a broad range of functional specific and business wide applications that will help you achieve success in your role and for your business.

Our consultative approach to partnering with our customers has meant collaborative success. Our financial and operational solutions can help guide business to success with their goals. We understand what is required to create the right conditions for institutional success.

  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning Models
  • Regulatory & Statutory Reporting
  • Scenario Modelling & What-if Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Customer retention
  • Next best offer
  • Project Planning / Modelling
  • Demand-Driven Forecasting
  • Long term Strategic Plans
  • Activity-Based Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning
  • EVA Models
  • Text mining
  • ATO reporting
  • Dashboard & Score carding Solutions
  • Exception Variance Reporting
  • Price / Fee Modelling
  • Funding Allocation Models
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Shared Services / Cost Allocation Models
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics
  • Treasury Reporting
  • Contract Management Modelling
  • Cost Driver Tree
  • Value Driver Tree
  • Financial & Operational Reporting
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Asset Utilisation & Management
  • Marketing Segmentation
  • Management Information Portals
  • Survey and Feedback Automation and Scoring


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