CoreBIS APRA Governance

“Until recently, however, too little attention has been given in Australia to regulatory, compliance and conduct risks.”
(Kenneth M Hayne Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry)

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  • D2A Transition
  • SBR
  • BEAR
  • EFS
  • 310 Audit
  • PPG235
  • My Super reforms


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How can you build confidence, rigour and accuracy into your external Regulatory reporting whilst reducing cost, risk and improving efficiency?

With Cortell’s award winning platform CoreBIS. Deployable on cloud or on premises, CoreBIS redefines what your organization can accomplish.

CoreBIS is not simply a regulatory reporting tool, it is an end to end Regulatory Application, automating the manual processes for APRA reporting across data and business processes alike.

Going far beyond just improving efficiency by providing the speed, agility and foresight, CoreBIS encompasses the governance, controls, validations and the accountability you really need to meet today’s, and tomorrows frequently changing and evolving regulatory environment.

CoreBIS helps you optimize your reporting function, No more manual production of Forms. CoreBIS automates structured data sets whilst empowering your reporting team with the control over the data flows. Successfully deliver your BEAR accountabilities, improve your data quality, reduce operational risk, deliver standard business reporting, make EFS a by product of your reporting, improve business intelligence, drill down into your data, gain rich insight into your market share, seamlessly manage the transition of D2A, automate your annual account production, all with the power of CoreBIS.

Cortell’s CoreBIS offers you and your business peace of mind, with its ability to solve problems today and respond to competitive pressures with agility tomorrow, all whilst saving you costs.

“Regulatory reporting is a complex and critical part of the banking landscape, addressing this was a key executive mandate, we are excited to be using CoreBIS to automate and provide the accuracy and controls regulatory reporting requires”

(Chris Blight, Senior Manager Business Integration Beyond Bank)

“I have been waiting for a solution like this for a very long time to give me the insight and controls CoreBIS delivers – we are excited at the prospect of leveraging the solution for further compliance reporting”

(Robert Salisbury Financial Controller Bank Australia)

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CoreBIS Delivers

  • Automated production and submission of numbers
  • D2A to DCS transition
  • Drill through functionality for transparency of numbers
  • OLAP functionality for slice and dice analysis
  • Standard Business Reporting
  • 12k+ validation rules to manage APRA queries
  • Data integrity over your numbers
  • Commentary writeback for management review
  • Manual adjustment capability
  • Business rule controls owned by reporting teams
  • Completely supported model addressing regulatory changes
  • Complete audit trail functionality
  • Reduced operational risk and compliance costs

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