“With plans to expand our national presence, it’s important we partner with organisations that will help us deliver the greatest value to our current and future customers. With impending changes to the APRA Connect platform and our desire to streamline the regulatory compliance function, we have chosen a partner and solution that has a proven track record in this space.”
Patrick Jodas, CFO P&N Bank
“The CoreBIS platform removes complexity… It provides the governance and controls to give us assurance and business support. CoreBIS goes beyond the reporting aspects and provides the transparency and functionality to manage the data, business processes and user collaboration that we were looking for”
Glenn Seargeant, CFO of TMBL
“helping people to be better off means creating services, experiences and solutions that really do help. Cortell, through their CoreBIS application, is one solution that will help VOLT achieve a better way of doing things in the back office, and we look forward to a strong working relationship with Cortell.”
Elvio Bechelli, Volt CFO
“We want technology in our back office that supports the business to scale efficiently and effectively. We are excited to work with Cortell who are an Australian based company that have won multiple global awards, and who are aligned with us in providing technologically advanced solutions.”
Belinda hogan, CFO 86400
“Regulatory reporting is a complex and critical part of the banking landscape, addressing this was a key executive mandate, we are excited to be using CoreBIS to automate and provide the accuracy and controls regulatory reporting requires”
Chris Blight, Senior Manager Business Integration Beyond Bank
“I have been waiting for a solution like this for a very long time to give me the insight and controls CoreBIS delivers – we are excited at the prospect of leveraging the solution for further compliance reporting”
Robert Salisbury (Financial Controller Bank Australia)


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CoreBIS is not just a submission portal, it is an award winning RegTECH application that provides delivery of APRA reporting and compliance requirements.
Specifically designed by Finance professionals, CoreBIS simplifies, streamlines, and enhances business process, whilst helping to mitigate regulatory risk.
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